Protoss Pylon Lamp: The Build

Pylon CompleteIt is done!  I have completed my Protoss Pylon Lamp!  How would you like to know how I made it? You would like that? Good! I was going to show you whether you wanted to know or not.  Also, if you like this, give me a follow on Twitter @chinbeard as I have many more projects like this coming down the pike.

For starters, I nabbed some references images straight out of the game.  I based the scale on the central ring being made out of a 4″ PVC tube.

Pylon ReferenceI decided that the best way to make the pieces would be to make master parts, mold them, then cast them in plastic resin.  The main crystal was made out of cheap insulation foam, then coated in Bondo and sanded.

Foam CrystalBondo FoamThe other pieces were modeled with Sculpey.  I designed them out on paper first and then modeled them right over the design.

Parts Design

Sculpey PartThen all of the parts were primed, sanded, primed some more, sanded some more and finally I made silicone molds of them all.

Primed PartsThe MoldsNext I cast the pieces.  For the crystal I used a clear casting resin (a LOT of the stuff too, this thing is HEAVY) and for the other parts I used a quick cast casting resin.

Cast PartsVia the magic of time-lapse, we can skip the many hours of sanding and priming, tah dah!

Primed Parts

The parts were all painted by hand with metallic gold and acrylic color paint then clear coated with a satin finish.

Pieces PaintedFinally I was able to attach all of the pieces to the crystal.  I drilled shallow holes in the crystal to accommodate nubs that were modeled into the pieces.  The central ring is attached to the crystal with 1/4″ acrylic rods.

AssemblyI wanted this sucker to light up, so I built a base that it rests on.  The rod has 4 LEDs on it that are powered via USB.

Pylon BaseAnd that’s it!  All done!  This particular one will be given away at this year’s Nerdtacular.  I still have the molds, so I will probably make more in the future.  Again, if you like this, give me a follow on Twitter @chinbeard.

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30 Responses to Protoss Pylon Lamp: The Build

  1. Seth says:

    I really enjoyed following this project of yours. It inspires me to find more creative outlets of my own.

    Cheers and keep em coming!

  2. Kane Lacey says:

    Hi that looks absolutely incredible! Since you still have the moulds, would you be able to make another and sell it? i would love you own one :D and maybe replace the usb power with a wall plug?

  3. admin says:

    I am booked up on building projects for a couple of months, but I will look into creating copies later in the summer. You can follow me on twitter @chinbeard for more updates. Also, the USB can be plugged into a USB to AC adapter to plug it into the wall. Works like a charm! =)

  4. Deborah Doran says:

    I have an extremely talented son who never ceases to amaze me. I am going to share this particular project with his Papa!

  5. Yoshi Kirishima says:

    Hi I am from Team Liquid, a huge starcraft community forum, and we applaud you!

  6. Øystein Nilsen says:

    Congratulations on your lamp, it looks amazing. I feel like I can speak for many when I say that your efforts are most appreciated amongst Starcraft fans.

  7. kellyMILKIES says:

    Hey. I saw your lamp!! This is very very cool :D Wish you made more so I can buy it :D Should make a zergish one.

  8. Derek says: The starcraft community applauds your efforts! :D

  9. admin says:

    Thank you all for the great feedback!

  10. Ian Katzman says:

    If you decide to make more and sell them, let Team Liquid know, because we will totally buy as many as you can make!

  11. wolf says:

    Would you ever sell one of these>

  12. Amir says:

    Wow this is awesome. Blizzard might contact you for the rights on this.

  13. admin says:

    I am considering doing a run of limited edition copies of this. I have been getting a lot of requests, so I am figuring out costs, pricing, and whether or not Blizz will throw a fit (I think I am within my rights to sell a handful of these).

  14. Kenji says:

    awesome possum! :D

  15. Didip says:

    Please, please, sell this (on etsy or something). I’m your future customer.

  16. mat says:

    here’s to hoping he will construct additional pylons!

  17. Nico says:

    Hey, absolutely awesome! Maybe you could look into to help you fund/build some more. I’m so sure it’d be a huge success.

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  19. Patrick says:

    Would you be willing to sell one of these? If so how much? This looks really awesome btw.


  20. Jin says:

    hey man, this is super awesome!
    Can I please buy one? Are you just making only one?

  21. Sean Perry says:

    I will buy one for $50 when you have time. That’s the minimum bid. Actually, I’ll buy around… say, 50 so Aldaris will keep off my back until I reach 255 Zealots.

  22. Jordan says:

    That is super cool dude. Master work.

    “Additional Pylons Required!”

  23. Joey says:

    So when can I place my order? <3

  24. Erig says:

    I’d LOVE to buy one of these from you! keep us informed!

  25. Joe Samper says:

    i will love this lamp iv gotta have it and i need a bunch of them so can we get in tuch and strick a deal somehow?

  26. admin says:

    I will have more info in a couple of weeks. Until then you follow me on twitter @Chinbeard for more up-to-the-date info!

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  28. Justin says:

    Well done! I agree very inspiring! In addition to that, to just give it away! Keep up the great work! Hope to see more in the future!

  29. Devlin says:

    Wow that is boss as hell, I’m super jealous of dayJ

  30. James says:

    Saw this on Day9 (or at least something like it) and I must say it is amazing. I really do hope you can make these in the future and sell them because I would love to have one. Protoss is my main 2v2 race when I’m not going for Portraits so it would be amazing :D

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