27 Best 123MOVIES Alternatives to Jaw Dropping Movie Experiences

Are you looking for movie streaming sites like 123Movies? If so, this article is just perfect for you.123Movies has been one of the most popular online streaming websites since 2017, when it emerged onto the scene due to Putlocker’s closure and Megavideo’s shutdown. It has provided users with an extensive library of content, from classic and newly released movies to TV shows and documentaries, all for free viewing pleasure. In addition to its enhanced video quality, it also provides both premium and free unlimited web streaming for users to take advantage of. However, with the rise in cybercrime activities associated with 123Movies, it has become increasingly difficult for viewers to access this streaming website safely.

Current Status of 123MOVIES in 2023

As the websites associated with 123Movies have been flagged by numerous cybercrime organizations, Google has decided to blacklist the domain name of 123Movies and all its related websites. YouTube also began to take down unofficial copies of movies stored on their servers, which further complicated matters for many viewers. This has made it increasingly difficult for users to enjoy movies on the platform, as most of its content is either blocked due to copyright laws or removed by internet service providers. Thankfully, there are a few alternatives to 123 movies that offer similar quality video rental services and subscription plans as the original platform.

Top Alternatives to 123Movies You Should Check Out



YESMovies is a streaming website that has gained considerable popularity in recent years due to its broad range of genre offerings and a vast library of movies and TV shows. Subscribers can enjoy an HD-quality video stream as well as subtitles in several languages, making it suitable for international users. In addition, the website also boasts a selection process that allows viewers to browse through smoothly sorted categories such as trending movies, surfboards and even collections of boxsets from different countries or decades.



LetMeWatchThis is another popular streaming platform that offers a wide range of movies and TV shows. It has over 20,000 titles and 700 thousand episodes to choose from across several genres. A unique feature of the site is its daily list updates, which ensures users get access to the latest content soon after they’re released in cinemas or online stores. The website also offers scheduled notifications for upcoming movie releases as well as ratings based on thousands of user reviews collected by other websites such as IMDb and Rotten Tomatoes.



Snagfilm is a streaming website with over 10,000 movies, documentaries and TV shows that are sorted according to their genre (action, comedy, drama etc.). This allows users to quickly locate their favorite titles without having to search through an extensive catalog. Quality is also one of its strengths; videos are available in HD and even 4K resolution, which greatly enhances the overall viewing experience. Moreover, Snagfilm’s selection process makes it easy for viewers to find content that fits their required expectations by allowing them to filter movies according to the year or box office success rating from past awards shows.



EuropixHD is an online streaming website with one of the most comprehensive libraries containing thousands of movies and TV shows in several languages. It was founded with a clear purpose – to provide viewers with a simple and reliable platform for watching their favorite movies or shows. EuropixHD is available in multiple languages, including English, French, German and Spanish, thus making it suitable for international subscribers. Furthermore, the website also offers an impressive selection of recently released content that can be accessed anytime without any restriction.



Couchtuner is one of the most popular alternatives to 123Movies as it boasts an impressive collection of movies and TV shows from various countries. It also has a simple design that makes it easier for users to browse through the content without feeling overwhelmed by too many choices. Furthermore, the website offers live streaming for select channels and update the content periodically to keep its viewers entertained with recent movies and TV shows.



xumoTV is a streaming website that provides users with access to over 190 live television channels from various countries around the globe, covering sports, news, and kids’ programs, as well as general entertainment such as reality shows or documentary films. In addition, it also offers an impressive selection of on-demand video titles which can be viewed for free. For those subscribers with a limited data package, the website also has an ’offline viewing’ option that allows them to download a movie or TV show of their choice and watch it later at their convenience.



iFVOD is a one-stop destination for all your entertainment needs. They are one of the most innovative streaming services in the market, providing users with an extensive selection of movies, TV shows and documentaries across multiple genres. Whether you’re looking to watch some classic or trending titles, Amazon Prime Video remains a great choice as it offers something for everyone – from Hollywood blockbusters, independent films and even foreign content. iFVOD is also particularly well suited for those streaming on multiple devices as they offer various subscription plans with access across four different screens.



HuRaWatch is an online streaming portal that provides subscribers with unlimited access to a library of movies and shows from around the world. It has been increasingly gaining popularity due to its massive content selection ranging from Hollywood, Bollywood, Bangla, Tamil, Kollywood and another regional languages. All content is available in HD quality which is further sorted according to genre, language or year of release so that they can be easily located by the users.



Vumoo is an online streaming website with one of the largest movie databases consisting of over 60,000 titles across multiple genres, including comedy, romance, action etc. The website features a sleek yet simple design along with easy navigation tools that enable users to find their way around the library swiftly. It also uniquely incorporates dual audio options for specified titles allowing viewers to either maintain their native language or switch over mid-stream if they wish.



MovieJoy is a streaming website providing quality and extended content with almost zero restrictions and ad interruptions, making it one of the most popular alternatives to 123movies available in 2020. Not only does it feature a wide range of movies and TV shows, but it also offers immersive video quality with HD or 1080p viewing options to choose from. It also contains movie reviews that allow users to know what other viewers think about the content before they decide to Click on Play Now button.



SolarMovies is an online streaming platform offering access to Hollywood, Bollywood, Chinese and other regional language movies. It is known for its library of popular titles that allows viewers to enjoy the entire experience for free with no strings attached. SolarMovies also boasts a great selection of TV shows from all around the world, along with a top-notch movie search engine. It also offers subtitles in more than 60 languages, making it an excellent site for international viewers as well.



Viki is a free streaming website providing users with unlimited access to Korean dramas and movies all over the world. In addition to its expansive library of titles, it also features an impressive collection of TV shows and other programs that can be streamed in HD quality. For Korean content buffs, Viki is the perfect place as they get access to a large selection across different genres, such as romance, comedy or action, at the convenience of their fingertips.



Siderreel is one of the few streaming websites specializing in movies from around Europe. They boast an extensive selection of German, French and Spanish movies along with documentaries or animation titles from different countries. The website also offers a great video streaming service with no buffering issues while enjoying the content in HD quality. Furthermore, Sidereel also features an impressive search engine and user forum that provide users with the latest trending titles or discuss movie-related topics.



Rainierland is one of the oldest free streaming websites with an extensive library of movies and TV shows from sources like Netflix, Amazon Prime Video and other international libraries. It is especially suitable for those viewers who are interested in watching classic titles as they boast a unique selection that includes Disney classics or cult favorites. Additionally, Rainierland also has some of the best quality video feeds without any buffering to give viewers that amazing at-home cinema experience.



VexMovies is a relatively newer streaming website that provides users with access to premium content from Netflix, Hulu and HBO without any subscription. Not only does it offer a wide selection of titles across various genres but some movies or shows can also be watched in 4K quality, thus ensuring an amazing viewing experience right from the comfort of your home. Furthermore, VexMovies also supports several languages making it ideal for international audiences.



AfDah is an online streaming website with more than 10,000 movies and other programs in its library. The website also provides access to premium titles from Netflix, Hulu and other subscription-based services for free. Similarly, AfDah offers the highest quality video streaming of movies in HD1080P resolution, which certainly enhances overall viewing pleasure, especially for movie buffs. It also has a great selection process that allows users to locate suitable content with minimum effort.



Tinyzone is a relatively new yet popular streaming website offering an extensive library of movies and TV shows from around the globe. The website allows viewers to watch media in HD1080p or UHD 4K resolution, thus giving them that amazing viewing experience as if they were watching it in a cinema theatre. It also boasts an impressive selection process with recommendations based on ratings, genre or year of release.



123Chill is an online streaming platform that has become quite popular with viewers in the past couple of years due to its wide range of quality content. It is known for having one of the largest libraries filled with numerous Hollywood and Bollywood movies as well as TV shows from around the world. The website also allows viewers to watch the content in HD 1080p quality and several audio languages, making it one of the best alternatives to 123Movies.



einthusan is an online streaming portal for South Asian language movies. It is especially suitable for those viewers who are interested in watching Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi titles, as they have a massive selection that features over 5,000 movies from multiple countries across the region. Quality-wise, einthusan provides HD viewing options to its subscribers with multilingual audio soundtracks giving them the ultimate cinematic experience right from their homes.



ProjectFreeTv is an online streaming website with a well-organized library of movies and TV shows. It also has a neat design and simple user interface that allows viewers to locate the titles they want within minutes without any hassle. Most content on ProjectFreeTV is also in HD quality, while some feature subtitles in different languages giving users a choice as expected from superior movie viewing services.



Kanopy is a streaming service run by major libraries throughout Canada and the United States, providing users with access to television shows, films and documentaries. It is particularly suited for students or viewers who are interested in expanding their knowledge about a certain subject, as the website offers videos from educational channels such as National Geographic, History Channel and many more. Furthermore, KanopY also supports multiple languages which makes it suitable for international audiences.



SpaceMov is another online streaming site that boasts a large collection of movies ranging from cult classics to recently released titles. The website also offers the highest quality streaming with movies available in full HD 1080p resolution as well as subtitles support for those who prefer reading their content. Moreover, SpaceMov allows its subscribers to access three different screens at once while still enjoying ad-free entertainment.



Putlocker is one of the oldest and most popular streaming websites, offering an extensive library of movies and shows from multiple countries. It has remained a top choice for many as it offers HD-quality video streaming without any buffering issues. Furthermore, Putlocker is one that also respects copyright laws, so viewers can be assured they won’t stumble into any legal troubles while enjoying their favorite content on the website.



Crackle is another leading online streaming platform owned by Sony Pictures. It offers access to over 25,000 movies and shows with both on-demand as well as live-streaming services. For those who have limited internet data packages or frequently travel overseas, Crackle provides the ultimate solution for them, as it allows users to download their content for offline viewing.



OnionPlay is a free streaming website offering access to over 300 thousand titles from various countries, including Hollywood and Bollywood. It is mainly suited for those viewers who are craving quality entertainment in languages other than English as it has multiple audio support and also provides subtitles with its content. The website remains a great choice for international audiences as it adapts to the regional needs of each viewer by displaying titles in their native language.



M4uFree is an online streaming platform specially designed to fulfill all your movie viewing needs since it has a collection of both classic and recently released titles in several languages. It is particularly popular with international audiences as the website boasts an extensive selection of foreign TV shows, documentaries and drama series from different countries all over the world. In addition, it also supports HD1080P streaming along with an option to download content directly.



Losmovies is another leading online streaming website that has gained considerable popularity in the past few years. It provides users with an extensive selection of titles across multiple genres and foreign countries, thus making sure all its subscribers get what they’re looking for. The website also offers access to several titles in 4K HD quality as well as subtitles support for viewers who would like to stream their content without sound issues.


Is 123Movies still available in 2023?

Yes, 123Movies is still available in 2023.

What are the best alternatives to 123Movies?

Some of the best alternatives to 123Movies include Putlockers, FMovies, SolarMoviez and Vumoo.

Is it safe to watch movies on streaming sites like 123Movies?

It is not generally safe to watch movies on streaming sites like 123Movies as they are often engaging in illegal activities such as pirating copyrighted material or hosting malware-infected downloads. To protect yourself, it is recommended to only use legitimate streaming sites, whether paid or free.

Does 123Movies offer paid subscription plans?

No, 123Movies does not offer any subscription plans at the moment.

Are there legal streaming sites similar to 123Movies?

Yes, there are legal streaming sites similar to 123Movies, such as Netflix and Hulu, which provide access to a large library of movies and TV shows with no pirated content whatsoever.

What are the benefits of using a VPN when streaming on sites like 123movies? 

The main benefit of using a VPN when streaming on sites like 123movies is that it allows for secure and anonymous browsing by masking your IP address. It also helps to prevent hackers from accessing your device or personal information.

Does 123movies require any registration for watching content?

No, 123movies does not require any registration for watching content as it is completely free and available without signing up in advance.