Vps Over Shared Hosting

Benefits Using Vps Over Shared Hosting

Shared web hosting service is one of the most commonly used hosting plan in the world, simply because it is cheap, provides a lot of features and is appropriate for hosting small websites.

But what happens when your website outgrows your shared hosting environment? In such a situation, your only option would be upgrade to a bigger hosting solution. This means that you can now go for high quality hosting services like dedicated hosting, cloud hosting or colocation hosting.

However, the problem with using any of the plans described above is that they are quite costly; so what you can do is go in for another type of plan that offers features associated with all the above listed plans, which costs only a fraction of what these plans cost. The perfect solution is Virtual Private Server (VPS).

Virtual private server offers many advantages over Shared hosting, at a cost that only a fraction more than the cost of a shared hosting plan. Let us take a look at some of the benefits of using a VPS hosting plan over a shared hosting plan.

Benefits of using VPS over Shared Hosting

The first and the foremost benefit is value. A VPS hosting offers many more features and services than a shared hosting plan, and that too at a cost that is just a little bit higher than the cost of using a shared hosting plan. Thus it offers much more value than a shared hosting solution.

Another pros is that with a virtual hosting plan, your website could become more productive due to efficient use of resources; something that might not happen in case of shared hosting.

With a VPS, your account is assigned resources statically, unlike a shared plan where resources are assigned dynamically. This means that only you have access to resources that have been assigned to your account and no one else can use those resources even if you are not using them.

This is not like a shared plan where resources need to be shared between accounts and are assigned to you on the basis of your needs. The advantage with this is that your website cannot be bogged down by another website which uses a lot of resources of the server; as is the case in shared hosting.

Another benefit of using a VPS over shared hosting is that you have a separate virtual server under you. This means that you are free to install any application or add-on on your server irrespective of what anyone else is doing with their account. This is not the case with shared server hosting wherein you are bound by what others require on the server and what they don’t require.

With a VPS plan you generally get better customer and technical support as opposed to a shared server hosting plan. Most hosting providers offer phone based toll free customer support to VPS account holders; something that is not there in case of shared server hosting plan. Hence, you have easy help at hand in case you run into problems while using a VPS plan for your website.

These are some of the benefits of why you should use a virtual private server rather than sticking with a shared hosting service for your hosting solution.

What is your thought on VPS vs Shared Hosting?