22 Putlocker Alternatives That You Should Check Out in 2023


It’s no secret that streamers prefer instant gratification. Having an array of choices at their disposal ensures entertaining pastimes, whether it’s with a movie, TV show or any other type of content. Putlocker is a streaming staple that many have relied on over the years. But with its various legal issues and recent uncertainty around the platform’s future, it’s important to know what other portals provide a reliable streaming alternative. This article covers the top Putlocker alternatives and their features, giving you a comprehensive overview of 22 streaming services.

Current Status of Putlocker in 2023:

Although it still exists, Put locker’s future remains uncertain as court cases have gone back and forth between legal authorities and the platform’s owners. It is currently not recommended to use Putlocker due to its lack of legality. As such, many people are looking for alternatives like those listed below in order to stream content safely and securely.

List of 22 Alternatives:



YesMovies has long been declared one of the top Putlocker alternatives. With an abundance of films to choose from and a simple, user-friendly interface, it’s obvious why many people opt for this streaming portal. It offers free movies in HD quality and is claimed to be ad-free.



CouchTuner is another highly recommended streaming alternative. Known for its vast selection of movies and TV shows, users can easily find content that would keep them occupied no matter their preference or genre. Additionally, the overall layout and design of its interface are considered to be sleek and attractive.



LetMeWatchThis has gained popularity over the years thanks to its wide variety of options when it comes to streaming content. It offers support for various device platforms such as desktop computers and mobile devices, giving users a more convenient way of consuming media.



LosMovies is another streaming portal that gets praised for its huge selection of movies and TV shows. It also stands out for having very little or no ads placed on its website, allowing users to enjoy their viewing experience without any interruption.



SpaceMov is considered to be one of the most reliable streaming websites. With its updated list of films and adaptations, users can expect to see new titles every now and then. Sites like SpaceMov also offer a safe environment for viewing content without any risk.



HuraWatch is known for being an excellent source of international films from various countries all around the world such as China and India. Users who want to explore different cultures can rely on its library of distinct titles.



Rainierland is one of the oldest streaming services available on the web, having been around since 2011. As such, it has managed to acquire extensive libraries containing movies as well as TV shows and even cartoons. It also provides an easy-to-use search function so users can easily find specific titles they’re looking for.



OnionPlay is among the most talked-about platforms when it comes to free streaming. Its various categories of content are regularly updated with new releases, giving users an up-to-date library. It also has a wide range of genres for users to choose from.



For fans of Indian films or Bollywood, Einthusan promises to be the go-to Putlocker alternative. It has an extensive catalog of Indian movies and TV shows, all accessible in various languages including Hindi and Tamil.



Vumoo is a good choice for anyone looking for a decent selection of entertainment titles. With its library constantly being updated with new releases as well as older favorites, this streaming service should come in handy if you’re ever running out of ideas on what to watch.

Project Free TV


Project Free TV is widely respected in the streaming community due to its collection being always up-to-date. It also provides users with comprehensive overviews of each show or movie before they can decide whether to proceed or not.


Kanopy stands out as a streaming portal mainly because it’s free and doesn’t require any payment to access its titles, unlike many other websites that demand money for subscription fees. Moreover, like most other streaming services, it offers TV shows and movies in various categories such as drama and animation.



XumoTV is a highly recommended streaming website for those who enjoy TV shows and films. With its support for both mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets and desktops, users can conveniently access content instantly by subscribing to the platform’s free trial service or becoming an active member.



Afdah has one of the most extensive libraries in streaming, with well-organized titles that are divided into various genres for easy navigation. It also has a very straightforward interface which makes it easier for users to find content quickly and start watching right away.



SideReel is an excellent choice for those who prefer exploring films and TV shows in an organized manner. It lets you view titles not only by genre but also by popularity or release date. This way, users can discover the newest films without any fuss.



Crackle is another popular streaming service that boasts a great selection of movies as well as supporting various platforms including computers and mobile devices like Android phones and tablets. Plus, most content on this portal is free to watch.



IFVOD is a great alternative for anyone looking for classic movies or even modern films as it offers something for everyone. With its library continually updated with newly released titles, users can always find something new while exploring its titles.



M4UFree is well-known for having a large selection of movies and TV shows available in HD quality. This streaming portal also has a nice collection of classic flicks, allowing users to relive their past favorites or discover new ones.



SolarMovies is popular for being a very reliable Putlocker alternative due to its frequent updates and non-stop support for multiple device platforms such as TVs, Blu-ray players and gaming consoles. Its library consists mostly of HD-quality films making it well worth the time for any streaming enthusiast.



123Movies is probably one of the most used Putlocker alternatives, having become an online favorite over the years mainly due to its expansive library that contains movies from various genres and production companies around the world. Plus, it has a very user-friendly interface which makes it easy for users to search or select titles with no hassle at all.



MoviesJoy has been a go-to streaming portal recently due to its growing selection of movies and TV shows. It also includes an area for users to leave their comments or ratings, allowing people to get more insight into what they’re about to watch before investing time into it.



VexMovies is one of the most recognizable streaming services online and with its steady spread in popularity, it’s no surprise why. Like many other streaming services, this platform offers movies from a wide range of genres for all types of film fans out there. Its easy-to-use navigational features make searching titles on the portal all the better.

Putlocker FAQs:

Q1: Is Putlocker legal to use?
Not anymore as court cases have gone back and forth between authorities regarding the platform’s legality. It is now recommended to use other alternatives, instead of Putlocker for streaming content safely and securely.

Q2: Is there a Putlocker app?
No, there isn’t an official ‘Putlocker’ app available on the App Store or Google Play Store for download but some devices like iOS and Firestick may support apps that offer services similar to those provided by Putlocker.

Q3: What happened to the original Putlocker?
The original streaming service was shut down due to copyright claims in 2016, with many other versions claiming since then that they are ‘the new Putlocker’. It is currently not recommended to use any copies of the original service, as they remain illegal in some areas and could lead to copyright issues or malware infections on your device.

Q4: Is Putlocker free?
Yes, the original service was free and so are most of its replicas. But not all streaming services that copy the design or user experience of Putlocker are entirely free – some may offer certain shows or films with premium fees attached to them.

Q5: Which is safer: Popcorn Time or Putlocker?
As explained above, Putlocker is not recommended to be used as it’s no longer legal in certain areas. Therefore Popcorn Time could be a safer option because its source code is based on an open-source programming language and tools are constantly updated.